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Trope Master List
hagar_972 wrote in prtropebingo
Trope list last updated 07-Apr-2013. If you'd like to suggest new tropes, please contact the mods. Tropes compiled by wild_force71, keeperofqkeys and hagar_972.

Team Dynamics
Colour Envy
Dating A Teammate
Dating An Enemy
Don't Piss Off Your Tech
Family On Both Sides
Ranger Decor And Internal Design
Team Is Family
Ranger Team Reunion
Wearing Each Other's Colours

Popular Plots
Brainwash & Recovery
Rangering Is Bad For Dating
Failure-Related Guilt
New Kid Is New Enemy
New Kid Is New Teammate
Power Quest
Someone Actually Dies
Villain Says Happy Birthday/Holidays
Not-So-Secret Identity
Non-Ranger Saves The Day
Villain Romance

More Than One Team
Accidental Ranger Meetup(s_
Colour Reunion
Formerly-Evil Club
Just Add Tommy
Rangers Are Secretly Related
Teamup With Time Travel (non-TF)
Ranger-Non Ranger Teams Teamup (crossover)

The Three Rules
Secret Identity Fail (or near-fail)
Life With The Secret
Public Identity Rangers
The Personal Gain Dilemma
You Actually Have Parents

Power Features
Dysfunctioning Powers
Limits Of The Power
Ranger Power Runs On Emotions (or faith, etc.)
Surprising Features of Ranger Power
The Power Heals
The Power Cannot Heal All

Colour Dynamics
Blue Confidence Issues
Colour Insecurity
Don't Piss Off Your Yellow
How Is Red Still Alive
Not A Primary Colour
Second-In-Command Blue
Non-Blue Second In Command
Sixth Ranger Drama
Yellow Understands Best

After The Power
Retirement Fail
Long Term Health Effects
Power-Loss Trauma
Ranger Weddings (and associated hilarity)
Rangers With Children (includes Children Of Rangers, when not-Rangers themselves)
Retired Ranger(s) To The Rescue
Second Career ("civilian" careers)
Second-Generation Rangers (Rangers' children are Rangers themselves)