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Trope Bingo Sign-Ups
keeperofqkeys wrote in prtropebingo
Welcome, welcome, one and all to the Power Rangers Trope Bingo Sign-Up page!

Please reference the rules here, and the tropes here before signing up.

You may request/veto up to five tropes from the master trope list, split any way you like. For example, you can request five and veto none, or request three and veto two, etc.

Each card will contain 24 tropes and one wild card in the center.

Leave a comment on this post and I will reply with the HTML for your card. Feel free to contact the mods with any questions you may have.

Trope Ten

There is also an option to play along called "Trope Ten" that doesn't require a card. Simply create your fanworks using the master trope list, and when you hit ten tropes, inform an admin.

Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

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Ranger-Non Ranger Teams Teamup (crossover)
Sixth Ranger Drama
Ranger Team Reunion
Secret Identity Fail
Second-in-Command Blue
Ranger Decor and Internal Design
Villain Romance
Ranger Power Runs On Emotions
Wearing Each Other's Colours
Power-Loss Trauma
Rangering is Bad for Dating
Someone Actually Dies
Life With The Secret
Just Add Tommy
Rangers With Children
Power Quest
Second-Generation Rangers
Don't Piss Off Your Yellow
Not-So-Secret Identity
Surprising Features of Ranger Power
Colour Insecurity
Family On Both Sides
Public Identity Rangers

(HTML for you in the next comment.)

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