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PR Trope Bingo: Rules
hagar_972 wrote in prtropebingo
* Bingo: sign up to receive bingo card (only one active card per person)
* Trope Ten: No signup necessary (Post at will, landmark every ten tropes)
* You do not need a Dreamwidth, Livejournal or AO3 account to participate
* There is no time limit

If it’s a fanwork, it qualifies
* All kinds of fanworks qualify
* Previously posted works qualify
* Collaborations qualify; you and your collaborators can all claim the work
* Crossovers (outside of the crossover trope) qualify

* Post your work or a link to it on at least one of PR Trope Bingo’s outlet. If you do not have an account for any of the outlets, please leave a comment at the mod contact post and we will do it for you.
* On AO3: add your work to the prtropebingo community and tag with the appropriate trope(s) as it appears in the trope list. (New tags may not appear in the autocomplete at first.)
* On DW or LJ: please tag with your name, the appropriate season and the appropriate trope(s). If a collaboration or a podfic, please tag with your collaborators’/original author’s name(s) as well.